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why not try these out The most significant ruins at this site are the two monumental tombs with pyramid roofs, a reasonably common type in this area in the fourth century AD. Butler describes them as ‘canopy tombs’.

source url The other significant structure is a villa with columned portico. Remains of three churches are barely recognisable.

my review here The first photo gallery below shows two scenes from de Vôgué’s depiction of the site in the 1860s compared with the same scenes today. It is remarkable, in this case, how little the remains have deteriorated over a century and a half.

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http://mustangcipowebaruhaz.hu/?sisd=conto-binario-gratis&904=30 For a more recent photo study of the remains, visit Daniel Demeter’s entry at

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موقع فوركس vps — http://www.syriaphotoguide.com/home/kukaniyeh-كوكانية/ . I am grateful to Daniel Demeter for the photo of the tower with its monolith entrance staircase included in the earlier selection above.

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