Qalaat Ollaiqa قلعة العليقة

This relatively small castle of the Crusader era had an unusual history — it was ‘traded’, i. e. sold to the Ismaelis by the Crusaders in the 1180s. The site was probably originally a Byzantine fortified position surveying the deep gorge of the Nahr Jobar. The castle is discussed on page 238 of Monuments of […]

Qalaat Maniqa (Qalaat al-Maniqa قلعة المنيقة )

Little remains within the enclosure of this Ismaeli castle taken from the Crusaders by Rashid al-Din Sinan (‘the Old Man of the Mountain’ of Crusader legends) after 1160. Externally, the circuit walls survive in part on the northeast and northwest. For description, Monuments of Syria (third edition, I B Tauris, London 2009), page 231.  منشآت […]

Qalaat al-Khawabi قلعة الخوابي

The Ismaeli castle at Qalaat al-Khawabi lies approximately 20 kms northeast of Tartus in the Syrian coastal mountains. One of the Ismaeli strongholds of the Crusader period, the castle was re-fortified by Rashid al-Din Sinan, the Ismaeli leader, after 1160. The castle surrendered  to the Mamluks under Baybars in 1273. The castle hosted a village […]