Aleppo حلب — itinerary 10, North Walls and Bab al-Hadid

check out this site This group of monuments lies on the northeastern edge of the traditional walled city extending as far as the Gate of Iron or Bab al-Hadid. It contains numerous monuments of significance though infrequently visited by tourists. In among the laneways behind the city walls lie buildings of the Ayyubid, Mamluk and Ottoman period as well as surviving buildings of the Bandara Jewish Quarter including the synagogue and the home built by the early Ottoman Governor in the 1630s, the partly-restored Beit Junblatt.

More Bonuses Among the largest monuments is the tranquil haven of the early Ottoman mosque built by Othman Pasha al-Duraki in 1730-38, a project in the grand imperial style.

Going Here For a full description  Monuments of Syria (third edition I B Tauris, London, 1999) pages 54–56. binäre optionen rollover حلب – المسار 10 ، الأسوار الشمالية وباب الحديد

binäre optionen prinzip من بين أكبر الأوابد في هذه المنطقة هو المأوى الهادئ للمسجد العثماني المبكر الذي بني في عهد عثمان باشا الدركي بين عامي 1730-1738 ويمثل نموذجاً للعمارة الإمبراطورية العثمانية.

see الوصف الكامل للمنطقة مذكور في كتاب (أوابد سورية) (ص 54-56).

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