Braij بريج , Monastery of St Daniel

These monastic remains lie to the west of the Plain west of Sermada on the edge of the Jebel Barisha. .تقع بقايا هذا الدير إلى الغرب من السهول الممتدة غرب سرمدا على طرف جبل باريشا    

Bamuqqa باموقا

A small village looking north across the pass leading west to the Plain of Amuq and on to Antioch. House remains possibly date to the first century AD but the church was not constructed until the late sixth or early seventh century. قرية صغيرة تطل على الشمال وتقطع الطريق المؤدية غرباً إلى سهل العمق وصولاً […]

Aleppo حلب — itinerary 03a, the Great Mosque and Madrasa Halawiye

plan Aleppo Great Mosque Jan 2016 The Great Mosque within the walled city of Aleppo is unjustly given second billing after the Great Mosque of the Umayyads in Damascus. While it lacks the richness of the associations with early Islam and the Roman predecessor on the Damascus site, the Aleppo Great Mosque has its own […]

Bara (al-Bara) البارة

The ruins of the Byzantine town of Bara are some of the most extensive in the Limestone Massif west of Aleppo in northern Syria. Over five churches, tombs with striking pyramid-shaped roofs, at least one monastery and a donjon originating from the Crusader period dot the landscape. تعتبر بقايا البلدة البيزنطية في البارة واحدة من […]

Deir al-Salib دير الصليب

There are two sets of church remains in the vicinity of Deir al-Salib (‘Monastery of the Cross’). Just at the entrance to the village (north side) lies the church dubbed by Butler ‘West church’. Much of the structure including the semi-domed apse and the side walls survive along with a mausoleum structure on the northwest […]

Anderin (al-Anderin الاندرين )

The Byzantine settlement at Anderin on the northwestern edge of the Syrian Steppe, east of Hama, has provided evidence of a barracks complex probably funded by a local landowner, typical of the smaller fortified centres in the sixth century AD to keep the threat of nomad or Persian incursions at bay. Little remains above the ground […]

Zalebiye زلبيّة , Byzantine fortress

Zalebiye, Byzantine fortress, a set on Flickr. This Byzantine fortress (ancient name Basileia) is a companion to its larger counterpart two kilometres upstream on the Euphrates River. While the western walls have been washed away by changes in the river course, much of the eastern side of the enclosure remains, along with some of the […]