Braij بريج , Monastery of St Daniel

These monastic remains lie to the west of the Plain west of Sermada on the edge of the Jebel Barisha. .تقع بقايا هذا الدير إلى الغرب من السهول الممتدة غرب سرمدا على طرف جبل باريشا    

Bamuqqa باموقا

A small village looking north across the pass leading west to the Plain of Amuq and on to Antioch. House remains possibly date to the first century AD but the church was not constructed until the late sixth or early seventh century. قرية صغيرة تطل على الشمال وتقطع الطريق المؤدية غرباً إلى سهل العمق وصولاً […]

Meez or Me`ez ماعز

Meez (or Me`ez) in the Jebel Barisha area of the Limestone Massif (‘Dead Cities’) is one of the most interesting of the cities of the Massif as its history reached back well into the Roman period. It appears to have become a regional centre of some note and had its own inn or andron for visitors […]