Damascus دمشق — itinerary 04 Suq al-Hamidiye area

This itinerary concentrates on buildings either side of the Suq al-Hamidiye which joins the western edge of the ancient city to the Great Mosque of the Umayyads. I covers several buildings that cluster between the Great Mosque and the Citadel. دمشق – المسار 04، منطقة سوق الحميدية يركز هذا المسار على المباني الواقعة على جانبي […]

Aleppo حلب — itinerary 04, Suqs and Khans

  This itinerary described on pages 43 to 44 of Monuments of Syria (third edition, I B Tauris, London, 2009) takes the visitor through some of the busiest suqs of the old city with diversions to an interesting variety of religious establishments of the Ayyubid and Mamluk eras. The itinerary ends at the city’s western […]