Tartus طرطوس

 Tartus is Syria’s second major port city. Remains of the medieval fortress of Tortosa, the headquarters of the Knights Templar, lie within the modern city, slowly being released from the clutter of the once-sleepy port town. The visit as described in ‘Monuments of Syria’ (I B Tauris, London 2009) pages 290–294 begins at the city’s […]

Arwad Island ارواد

This small island lies just off the Syrian coast at Tartus. It houses two intact castles of the Crusader and Ayyubid period along with remains of the island’s Phoenician sea walls. تقع هذه الجزيرة الصغيرة على مقربة من الساحل السوري مقابل طرطوس. تضم قلعتين من العصرين الأيوبي والصليبي ما تزالان بحالة جيدة، إضافة للأسوار المجاورة […]