Atil عتﻴل , Roman temples

This small town contains two almost identically designed Roman temples, delicately fashioned from the local basalt stone. The south Temple stems from the Antonine period (AD 151) the second or North Temple (probably dedicated to the Nabataean deity, Theandrites) was built in AD 211–212. تضم هذه المدينة الصغيرة معبدين من العصر الروماني متطابقي التصميم تقريباً، […]

Dera`a درعا , ancient Adraha

The modern town of Dera`a (Deraa), lies on the Syrian side of the Jordanian/Syrian border, with a Bronze Age citadel hill lying above the ravine of the Wadi Zedi, a tributary of the River Yarmuk. The classical city of Adraha lay to the south of the grid-plan Ottoman town and is marked by a number […]

Suweida السويداء , ancient Soada

The ancient past of this prosperous town of the Roman era in the Hauran (southern Syria) has long remained elusive. Some of the structures noted by 19th century travellers have in fact disappeared, the victims of the building programs of the Late Ottoman Turkish army. Surviving remains lie nestled in among the structures of the […]

Bosra بصرى (ancient Bostra)

Bosra, Roman-era city in the Hauran with a virtually intact example of a Roman theatre. After Bostra became the capital of the new Roman province of Arabia in AD 106, the Nabataean town  rapidly acquired most of the attributes of a Roman city with a long colonnaded axis and major facilities for the Roman legion […]

Sanamein الصنمين

This curious ancient temple survives in the middle of a small town in the Hauran region of southern Syria. ما زالت هذه البلدة الصغيرة الواقعة في سهل حوران جنوب سورية، تحتفظ ببقايا معبد من العصر الروماني. Flickr site — لمزيد من الصور يمكن العودة للموقع: