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Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates جبل خالد على نهر الفرات

This fortified settlement was established in the second century BC by the Seleucid Greeks whose control of the area dated back to Alexander’s conquests the previous century. Little remains of the extensive city walls but the Governor’s Palace and of the commercial town and temple can be identified. This crossing point on the Euphrates was […]

Jebel Seis جبل سيس

Jebel Seis is one of the most remote and weirdly fascinating sites in Syria. This Umayyad ‘desert palace’ lies nestled into the outer ring of a volcanic cone. The countryside is strewn with dark basalt rocks expelled by the volcanic cone with a white salt pan occasionally providing water and sparse vegetation for the sheep […]

Jeble, Roman Theatre المسرح الروماني في جبلة

This market town on the Syrian coast preserves substantial remains of its classical theatre along with the nearby tomb of the Islamic holy man, Ibrahim ibn Adham (died 778). تقع جبلة، هذه المدينة التجارية، على الساحل السوري، وما تزال تحتفظ بجزء كبير من المسرح الروماني إلى جانب ضريح السلطان ابراهيم بن الأدهم أحد رجال الدين […]

Jerade جرادة

Jerade, on the eastern edge of the ‘Dead Cities’ or Limestone Massif, formed the outer defences of the villages of the Jebel Riha.  Remains include scattered ruins of houses, a fifth century church and a fifth century watchtower. A second tower lies on the northwest side of the ruins. تقع جراده في الطرف الشرقي من […]

Jisr al-Shugur جسر الشغور

The Orontes crossing at Jisr al-Shugur has been important for millennia. It connects the Orontes Valley and the cities of the interior of northern Syria to the coast via the Bdama Pass over the Jebel Ansariye or Syrian coastal mountains. Little remains of the Roman bridge and its many successors though parts are still exposed […]