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Ismaeli castles of the Syrian coastal mountains القلاع الإسماعيلية في سلسلة الجبال الساحلية السورية

As the Monuments of Syria website expands, I hope to cover all the 130 or so sites covered in the book with pictures to illustrate the entries. This will be supplemented with some short thematic pages intended to give coverage to regional issues or themes. This page provides a map to illustrate the Ismaeli presence […]

Isriya, Roman temple المعبد الروماني في أسرية

Roman temple at Isriya ancient Seriana

This Roman temple lies in a remote location on the edge of the Syrian Steppe at Isriya, classical Seriana. Dedicated to an as yet unidentified god, it served as a way station, still employed into the Arab period as a watering point. يقع هذا المعبد على أطراف البادية السورية في قرية أسرية حيث كان الموقع […]

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