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Khan al-Hallabat خان الحلابات and al-Bakhraa البخراء

This Roman frontier fort along the Eastern limes was restored in the 1980s by the Syrian Antiquities Department. Reasonably accessible from nearby Palmyra, it provides a striking example of the type of legionary post established along Diocletian’s frontier in the late third century AD. Al-Bakhraa lies in a considerably less intact condition on the opposite […]

Kharab Shams خراب شمس

This site on the slopes to the east of the Church of St Simeon presents three churches in remarkable state of preservation. A fourth century church retains both of the columned arcades of its nave. Further up the rise, a sixth century church with its apse preserved. A small chapel lies on the heights at […]

Khirbet Hass (Shinsharah خربة حاس)

The Butler expedition in the early 1900s described Khirbet Hass as an extensive ruins field marked by villas and one church. Today it is the centrepiece of a small national park and hence a popular picnic spot on weekends. وصفت البعثة الأمريكية برئاسة بوتلر في بدايات القرن العشرين هذه البلدة بأنها منطقة زاخرة بالبقايا الأثرية […]

Kirkbizeh or Qarqbizeh قرقبيزه

Kirkbizeh lies on the ridge looking over the Plain of Self from the west in the Jebel al-`Ala. Its access to the rich agricultural resources of the plain made this a prosperous village clustered around its manor house and church during the fourth to sixth centuries AD. تقع على إحدى قمم جبل العلا (أو الأعلى) […]

Kokanaya كوكانية

The most significant ruins at this site are the two monumental tombs with pyramid roofs, a reasonably common type in this area in the fourth century AD. Butler describes them as ‘canopy tombs’. The other significant structure is a villa with columned portico. Remains of three churches are barely recognisable. The first photo gallery below […]

Krak des Chevaliers (Qalaat al-Husn — قلعة الحصن )

The Krak des Chevaliers has no equal among medieval castle remains. Its construction took place over many decades yet it gives every appearance of a perfectly coordinated example of Crusader military architecture. It comprises two rings of fortifications with a ‘keep’ perched over its southern inner battlements. The outlook from the castle gives stunning vistas […]