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Amrit عمريت

This unique site, mixing Phoenician, Achaemenid and Greek influences, liese on the coast below Tartus with a remarkable temple to Melqart, a Greek stadium and several monumental funerary towers.   يعكس هذا الموقع الفريد تأثره بالحضارات الفينيقية والفارسية (الإخمينية) والإغريقية وكيف تم مزجها معاً، يقع على الساحل جنوب طرطوس ويضم معبداً مميزاً للإله ميلكارت، ومدرجاً […]

Anderin (al-Anderin الاندرين )

The Byzantine settlement at Anderin on the northwestern edge of the Syrian Steppe, east of Hama, has provided evidence of a barracks complex probably funded by a local landowner, typical of the smaller fortified centres in the sixth century AD to keep the threat of nomad or Persian incursions at bay. Little remains above the ground […]

Antioch انطاكيا

The young French artist, Louis-François Cassas, visited Antioch on his way to Palmyra in 1785. (See separate set on Palmyra.) The sketches he prepared at the time were later published in the form of lithographs, issued from 1799. These depictions give us important clues to the remains of the Byzantine and Crusader-era fortifications and gates […]

Apamea افاميا

Apamea was a Hellenistic foundation, one of the major centres of Hellenistic colonization in Seleucid syria. Its extensive walls reflect its importance as a military centre with rich pastures for the cavalry’s horses. Its most striking feature is the long cross-city axis marked by columns on each side with lavish provisions for public buildings, shops […]

Arwad Island ارواد

This small island lies just off the Syrian coast at Tartus. It houses two intact castles of the Crusader and Ayyubid period along with remains of the island’s Phoenician sea walls. تقع هذه الجزيرة الصغيرة على مقربة من الساحل السوري مقابل طرطوس. تضم قلعتين من العصرين الأيوبي والصليبي ما تزالان بحالة جيدة، إضافة للأسوار المجاورة […]

Atil عتﻴل , Roman temples

This small town contains two almost identically designed Roman temples, delicately fashioned from the local basalt stone. The south Temple stems from the Antonine period (AD 151) the second or North Temple (probably dedicated to the Nabataean deity, Theandrites) was built in AD 211–212. تضم هذه المدينة الصغيرة معبدين من العصر الروماني متطابقي التصميم تقريباً، […]

Baghuz (al-Baghuz الباغوز ) (Abu Kemal)

Map giving the location of the tower tombs at Baghuz near Abu Kemal on the Euphrates near the Syria-Iraq border. تقع المدافن البرجية في الباغوز قرب أبو كمال على الحدود السورية العراقية على نهر الفرات كما هو واضح في الخريطة.